The quality in MIGUMA is manifested with the firm commitment of accomplishing the expectations and requirements of the client, satisfying the needs of the client is our biggest objective.

MIGUMA complies satisfactorily the specifications of the clients, it has trained and qualified staff to evaluate the manufacturing processes and with a certified quality management system, it has a highly equipped laboratory with everything necessary to make the required measurements in the metallurgical industry.

Our philosophy seeks a high level of Quality, through the accomplishment of the products characteristics: technical specifications, physical specifications, response times, good service, empathy, quality management, etc.

MIGUMA ‘s direction consists of the importance quality has for our clients it proposes and commits to the implementation of a quality management system, based on the standardization norms ISO 9001:2015.

MIGUMA has a series od steps to elaborate its quality strategy:

1.Identify the client

2.Determine their needs (of the client)

3.Translate their needs to the organization’s language

4.Develop a product that can answer to these needs

5.Optimize the product in a way that it complies with the objectives of the organization and the needs of the client

6.Develop a process that can produce the product

7.And transfer the process to operation.

Laboratory Equipment

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